Selected Publications

Virgin Capital: Race, Gender, and Financialization in the US Virgin Islands (SUNY Press, 2021)

Journals and Book Chapters
Methodologies in Caribbean Research on Gender and Sexuality (Kamala Kempadoo and Halimah DeShong, eds.) “You is One of ‘We’”: Positionality in the Field (Ian Randle Press, 2021).

Paradoxes of Neoliberalism: Sex, Gender and Possibilities for Justice. (Janet Jakobsen and Elizabeth Bernstein, eds). “Neoliberal Vulnerability and the Vulnerability of Neoliberalism” (Routledge, 2021)

Gender, Work, and Organization 28(3) “The Marvelous Arithmetics of Distance” OR “Going Far Together” (2021)

Feminist Anthropology 1(2). “‘EDC Girls’ and Women’s Work: Race, Gender and Labor in the Financial Services Sector in the US Virgin Islands (2020)

Nordic Journal of Information Science and Cultural Mediation 8(2) “Ancestral Queendom in the Virgin Islands: Reflections on the prison records of the four Rebel Queens of the 1878 Fireburn in St. Croix, Danish West Indies” (2019)

Transforming Anthropology 26(2). “After the Storms: Reflections on the US Virgin Islands” (2018)

American Anthropologist 119(3). “‘But Some of Us Are Broke’: Race, Gender, and the Neoliberalization of the Academy” (2017)

Small Axe Salon volume 26. “From Danish West Indies to America’s Poorhouse: Reflections on Transfer 100 Years On” (2017)

Cultural Anthropology  28(3). “Sitting at the Kitchen Table: Fieldnotes from Women of Color in Anthropology” (2013)  

The Global South 4(2). “Offshore Banking Within the Nation: Economic Development in the United States Virgin Islands” (2010)  

Guest Editor, Transforming Anthropology 14(1)  
Special edition on Hurricane Katrina, “Call and Response” editor (2006)